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bullet-blackUnlimited rooms — create as many dedicated, persistent meeting rooms as you or your organization needs.
bullet-blackVirtual Classrooms — customized meeting room designed for use in one-to-one or small group instruction; includes the ability to easily share recorded class sessions within the meeting room itself.
bullet-blackConference meeting rooms (for 1:1 or small group), optimized for instructional use; allows access to all previous work, course material, and session recordings at any time.
bullet-blackWebinar rooms (for up to 150 attendees)
bullet-blackInterview rooms — perfect for schools or organizations that need to conduct online interviews. Includes one-touch recording of interviews and easy sharing of  interview recordings.
bullet-blackHD Quality 1:1 or group video calling (depending on bandwidth available)
bullet-blackNo software download required (completely web-based solution) by users or invitees
bullet-blackMultiple shared online whiteboards in meeting room (no limit)
bullet-blackUpload and store documents and presentations in all popular file formats
bullet-blackDrawing tools for marking up documents, images, and collaborative work. Markups stay with document for future use
bullet-blackScreen-sharing can be initiated by any user, or restricted to specified users
bullet-blackMeeting recording captures all audio and video and can be made available to all users within meeting room
bullet-blackGroup chat
bullet-blackPrivate chat allows two participants to chat during meeting without disturbing other participants
bullet-blackShare documents and view webcam video in same window
bullet-blackCalendar function for scheduling sessions/classes
bullet-blackParticipants can “raise their hands” to alert moderator
bullet-blackModerator can take a poll of meeting participants
bullet-blackBranding — customized user experience includes your logo and brand in each meeting room
bullet-blackCustom APIs and meeting room links allow you to directly embed links to individual meeting rooms into emails, websites, or learning management systems.
bullet-blackShared online directory of files and curriculum
bullet-blackOption to make uploaded files protected or downloadable by users (allows for use of copyrighted material without fear of loss of control of intellectual property)
bullet-blackDocument storage starts at 500 MB per user
bullet-blackMeeting recording storage starts at 6 GB per user