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In the Virtual Classroom I would like to load separate documents into each whiteboard.

  1. Make sure you have the “Whiteboards Tab” open, then click the green circle with the plus sign in it to add whiteboards.
  2. Click on the name of the whiteboard you want to upload the file to (in the screenshot below it would be “Chemistry” or “Physics”) to select a whiteboard to upload to.
  3. Click the upload menu item (top left in dark blue header bar) to choose the file to upload.


This should allow you to open up a number of whiteboards with separate docs in each. PDFs work best because they save all your formatting, but most common file types are supported.

Note: If you have already uploaded a file and just need to find that file to load into a whiteboard (instead of re-uploading it), just use the green up arrow to find the file. For example, in the screenshot below, look for #1, to the right of it you will see “Chemistry 10” and to the right of that the green up arrow.
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