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Setting Up Your Mic and Webcam

1. When you first enter an iCollaborate meeting room, you will see a drop down menu asking you to select your audio and video devices.Troubleshooting Mic and Webcam

2. If you are still having trouble and need to reset your webcam and/or mic settings, click the double green arrow icon to open the drop down box again.

Changing webcam and mic

3. If you are unable to get your webcam and mic to work at all, try right clicking (or control click on a Mac) anywhere on the whiteboard, and choose “Settings” to bring up the Adobe Flash Player Settings. Make sure to choose to “Allow” the website to use your mic and webcam. The radio button next to the green circle should be selected. Then hit the “Close” button.

Adobe Flash Player Settings

4. A comprehensive list of steps you can take to make sure you mic and webcam are working can be found here.

5. If none of these suggestions work, a good start is to reboot your computer with any external devices (camera, microphone, speakers) attached.  Right click on the speaker icon and make sure Windows default setting is using the correct mic and speakers. Then immediately enter an iCollaborate meeting without detaching and reattaching the external device you are using.

6. You can check to make sure your webcam and mic are working at the following website:

7. Contact iCollaborate support if none of the suggestions above is working.


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