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First Time User Instructions

Technical Requirements:  Any PC/Mac, with a webcam and microphone, ideally less than 2 years old or running Core i3 or better processor, running the latest version of a web browser that supports Adobe Flash Version 11 or newer.

We recommend using Google Chrome. But other browsers will work as long as they are up-to-date. High quality broadband internet connection with minimum bandwidth of 256k is also required.

**Note that you must have either earbuds or a headset plugged in to your computer’s audio jack. We don’t recommend doing this without earbuds, unless you have echo cancellation enabled on your computer.  You will have echo issues otherwise.

Before the online meeting:

  1. If you are not using Google Chrome, make sure you check your Flash version by clicking here. If you don’t have the latest version it is worth updating it. The website will walk you through it.
  2. For instructions on how to select your webcam, visit our support page.
  3. Before entering the meeting test out your mic and webcam by clicking here.
  4. We also have a video user’s guide on our support page, which will provide some basic instruction on how the system works.
  5. If you have earbuds or headphones you can use with your computer, please have them plugged in prior to the meeting.
  6. It is a good idea to log in and check out the system at your prior to your first meeting, to get some idea of how it works. If you would like to do this in advance, you can enter our demo room.
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