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How to reduce audio or video lag while in a video conference

There are several possible causes of audio or video lag.

Slow internet speed could be a problem. You can check your internet speed by clicking here. If your “Jitter” score is above 150 ms, you are likely to have trouble with lag or you may lose your connection completely.

Next, try these steps in order:

1. Each participant should restart the computer he or she is using prior to the web conference.

2. Make sure nothing else is running on your computer before starting. Sometimes things running in the background can slow things down.

3. Try using a different browser (sometimes the browser has a plugin or something else running that you are not aware of and this can slow things down).

4. A common problem is that webcam video resolution is too high for the available bandwidth. This video will show you how to reduce the resolution of your webcam.

5. Reboot your router (if possible).

6. If none of these steps work, you can use a phone for audio instead of the audio in iCollaborate.

7. As a last resort can you do your meeting without video (just use audio, especially if internet speed is slow).

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